The 2016 Official State Medallion of Alaska

The Denali Wolf!

2016 Denali Wolf Once Ounce Proof

Denali Wolf
Denali Wolf
Denali Wolf Back - Click for larger image
2011 Eagle Back

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Steve Cross, a resident of Fairbanks, submitted the winning design for the 2016 Official State Medallion.

Total Mintage: 1,668


Alaska's Timber Wolf is the largest wolf found in the United States and one of the largest in the world, weighing up to 175 pounds. They are fierce, intelligent hunters and very efficient. The social structure of the wolf pack allows them to hunt big game that they would not be able to take one-on-one such as buffalo, elk, caribou and moose. Although there have been no documented accounts of wolves attacking humans in North America, local wisdom suggests keeping a safe distance. Most wolves are various shades of gray, but can range from pure white to black. Usually their coloration is somewhat related to their habitat. Wolves are rarely seen in their natural surrounding. They can make themselves almost invisible even in sparse brush because the coloration of their fur provides excellent camouflage. Those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Alaskan wolf will behold something of the spirit of the Great Land itself, and the true majesty of the wild.