2000 Alaska Medallion - The Fox

2000 Alaska Medallion, The Fox-back.  Click for larger image.
2000 Alaska Medallion, The Fox-back.
2000 Alaska Medallion, The Fox-front.  Click for larger image.
2000 Alaska Medallion, The Fox-front

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There were 9,751 one ounce proof Fox medallions minted in 2000. There were also 361 two ounce silver proofs minted. Clicking the above image will show the detail in this medallion that kicked off the new millennium.

Local Alaskan artist, Ira Levinton, submitted this years winning design. This was his third winning medallion design chosen by the Alaska State Art Council. The first was the 1993 State Medallion featuring the Wolf and the second was the 1994 State Medallion featuring the Grizzly Bear.

Found throughout much of Alaska the Red Fox population in Southeast Alaska is sparse, found usually in the Taku and Stikine River valleys and the Mendenhall Flats. Red Foxes are most commonly seen south of the arctic tundra. The fox prefers broken country, extensive lowland marshes, crisscrossed hills and draws. The American red fox is the same species as the European red fox. Recognized by its reddish coat, black "stockings" and its white-tipped tail. Born in spring, litters consist of five to ten "kids", their eyes opening at 8 to 10 days, leaving the den for the first time one month later. At three months old, with both parents raising and teaching them, they begin to learn how to hunt. The family unit endures until autumn,when it breaks up and each animal is on its own.