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Alaska's Official State Medallion for 2016 is…

The Denali Wolf!

The winning design for 2016 was submitted by Steve Cross of Fairbanks (who also designed the 2015 Polar Bears). The Denali Wolf features a profile of an Alaskan Grey Wolf with Mt. Denali in the background (scroll down). The lines are clean and simple on this medallion and it could prove to be one of the most popular State medallions in years.

Whether you are looking for a rare medallion investment, a keepsake memory of an Alaskan vacation or a gift for someone tough to please; the Official State Medallions of Alaska are sure to bring smiles to faces for many years.

Meticulously handcrafted of .999 Alaska mined silver these one-ounce rounds are individually serial numbered and limited in edition. The designs change yearly and back issue pieces have shown surprising appreciation values (just check out the back issue medallions to the left!).

2016 Alaska State Medallion - The DENALI WOLF!

Denali Wolf
Denali Wolf
Denali Wolf Back - Click for larger image
2011 Eagle Back

Designed by Steve Cross of Fairbanks, Alaska this medallion is the latest compliment to the ongoing Alaska State Medallion Series.

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For current information regarding ordering, shipping times, assigned serial numbers, and other 2016 State Medallions please click the main 2016 Denali Wolf page.

The one-ounce Official Alaska State Medallion Proof should be the first medallion in any Alaska collection. Each medallion is rim stamped with an individual serial number and production is limited to demand through the year of issue. They come encased in an air tight holder in a presentation box with information card. Check out the back issue pieces at the links to the left to see how these medallions have increased in value over the years. The mintage of these medallions is authorized under Alaska State Statute: 44.09.017.

There is plenty to explore on this site… the medallion series has been ongoing in State since 1992. They are sanctioned by the Alaska State Legislature and designs are by Alaskan artists depicting Alaska wildlife. We hope you enjoy browsing and we hope you will allow us to help put some Alaska silver into your life.

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